Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sirih Junjung

OK...time check...less than a month to wedding!!

Anyways, I will be doing my own sirih junjung/dara or whatever u call it.

And...for now...i kinda know what design I will be creating.

Flowers to be used will either be orchids or pink roses...of cos plus a bit of baby's breath to fill up the design..

like so... i just need to contact my florist...and this can only be done like the night before kan?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bridal Hairstyles

My blog entires had been lacking of photos lately so today I shall blog about WEDDING HAIRSTYLES for brides with long hair..(those that of my preference of course!again....simple and elegent)

Great for brides who wants to bun their hair up...simple & neat....

Both curls look natural....a style to show off your long locks

I would loooovveee to go all simple and pull back all of my hair but too bad i don't have a gorgeous face and am blessed with a broad forehead which I am not keen to show need to get tyles with fringes...

Whatever styles you chose, always try it out before the actual date first to see if it suits your face.Some hairstyles look great on some but not others. :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Facial Experience

It's not my first time going for facial. Now it has been abt 4months but just thought of sharing my facial session experience for bride/groom-to-be who had never been for facial before.

Well, just like you, I had never been for facial before. Not because I have beautiful flawless skin but cos I've never cared of how I look. I was even too lazy to follow the daily facial care routine at home. I'm those type of shower-comb-hair-put-on-tshirt-jeans-grab-bag-and-go-out kinda girl (of cos occasionally out on abit of lose powder on some special occasions).

But I was advised to go for facial in preparation for the wedding (plus i got a free 1st time trial and discounts on the package) so I tried.

Anyway...what to expect on a usual facial session...

Upon arrival, u'll be greeted by your beautician for the day. She'll serve you tea (some times) then show you to your private room (for your facial treatment). In the room, you'll be left alone for you to place your personal belongings into your personal safe box, then u remove your tops, hang it on the hanger provided, put on this robe (its like a long skirt and covers right up to your chest), then u lie down and get comfortable on the treatment bed and cover yourself with a towel blanket. Relax and wait for your beautician to arrive.

She will knock on the door first and ask if you're ready before entering with all the equipments needed for your facial treatment. You just lie down and relax (or try to). Yeah, it gets a bit uncomfortable especially for first timers but your beautician will engage in small talk to help u relax.

And.....the treatments starts
For me, it starts with cleaning and cleansing my face. I just close my eyes and my beautician will apply the cleanser / foam / scrub. She'll inform your verbally what she will be doing. It really pampering and relaxing, someone else is cleaning your face for u, while u just lie down with your eyes closed accompanied by relaxing scents and music. She'll even massage your face.

After the cleansing routine, its steaming time. Your eyes remain closed and your beautician will set up this steaming machine over your face and leave you alone in the room for awhile while the machine steams your face (its actually to open up your pores to prepare for the next step of the treatment).

After awhile (I lost sense of time cos my eyes were closed all the time, u cant open your eyes, its covered with something), the beautician will come back for the most torturous part of your facial treatment. (I'm not trying to scare u but giving u a close to reality account). Its the EXTRACTION! I said its torturous cos for myself, my skin is oily and pores clogged so the extraction process is really painful. Feels like your face is being squeezed, poked, scraped, on every inch, yes even the most sensitive parts. Its actually to clear your pores of dead skin cells, whiteheads,blackheads and impurities. I cried the first few times (cos its too painful, when u bear the pain, ur tears just fall). But it gets less and less painful after the first few sessions depending on your skin. Mine took more than 6 sessions for me to get used to it and for the pain to lessen.

After the torture, your beautician will apply cooling antiseptic and then apply masks on your face. On different days, she'll apply different type of mask to suit your treatment and your skin type. All the pain disappears and the mask has a cooling and soothing effect. She'll leave you alone again in the room while the mask dries and harden (probably about 30mins?) Im not sure cos I will doze off.haha.

When she comes back, she'll remove the mask and then proceed with the LED light treatments (something like applying some fluid/collagen onto your face and massaging it with this LED light machine all over your face). After that, I had the Oxygen infusion treatment where my face will be blown by this cool oxygen (its cold!!!). After that, she'll give me an eye massage and apply some lotion+mosturizer+sunblock (plus massaging my face) then give me a shoulder and back massage. THE END!

She'll pack her machines and leave me to dress up and pack my belongings and make myself pretty (comb your hair, straighten your clothes blabla). Then you just leave the room on your own, make your way to the counter to settle payment (or if u have paid for a whole package, u can book your next appointment preferable 2weeks later).

After the session, your face will appear red/puffy on certain parts. So that is why it is not advisable to go for facial a day before your big event.

So hopefully my account will help prepare first-timers and at least u'll not be lost or be too afraid like I was during my first facial session. :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Wedding Reception Outfit

Had an appoinment with Anggun Weddings today.

Chose our 2 SG reception outfits, had our measurements taken and settled balance payment.

Didnt start out smoothly intially. We were already late for outfit selection (was supposed to be 2months before the date but it can't be helped cos fiance was not available) and on the day of the appointment, the time was postponed without prior notice We were supposed to meet our coordinator at 2pm. Called them up at 1:30pm to get their new address but was shocked to know that no one will be at the shop that day because the coordinator that we were supposed to meet was unwell and was at the doctor. The person who answered my call said that herself will only be in at 5pm. I was furious! and she gave the excuse that maybe the previous coordinator didnt have my hp number at hand and it was something unplanned. I managed to keep my cool and just went window shopping until 5pm. 5pm, we were greeted and served by the owner herself and was SOOOOOO HAPPPPPYYYYYY~!!!!! with the choice of outfit and the service she provided.

Though I didnt get my dream-puffy2-gown, I fell in love with something much simpler yet practical. Love both outfits!!! The first outfit was in the colour that I wanted! It was even more gorgeous than the original design I saw months ago and the 2nd gown made me feel (although not dramatic) very elegent and posh.Hehe.And Mr Fiance looked good in the Crow- Zero-Genji-Style suit!!!Handsomenye!!!

Can't wait for the final fitting!!!

Bedroom Set

Went to survey bedroom sets today.
Didnt have a clue where to start initially but after consulting relatives and married friends, we proceeded to Jurong, opposite IMM and chanced upon Rozel Furnishing.

They have really good quality bedroom sets with 5years warranty (so far not many provide this kind of warranty) and with quite a number of designs to choose from.
We were lucky because the manager was instore and attended to us (Hence, got a super good deal and saved quite a lot).

BUT...after adding up everything, I almost got a heart attack!!!I mean, yeah it was definitely a good deal with the kind of quality you get but its just that I had never parted with that much of money in a blink of an eye before. My hard-earned money, gone in a flash over something I didnt really obsessed over (those money spent on cameras and 2pm tickets are an exception cos I REALLY LOVED THEM AND SAVED FOR THAT SOLE PURPOSE OF SPENDING ON THOSE ITEMS). So yeah....

As usual, paranoid and spenthrift me, got so upset that I began to regret over my purchase. Thank god Mr Fiance was there to calm me down, and helped explained that it WAS A WORTH BUY - good quality, modern design, good service that will last us for approx 15years (5yrs for bedroom set, 15years for mattress). Went home and surveyed more online cos I was only 75% convinced but after surveying online, YES, i DEFINITELY make the best choice. Cannot get that kind of service with free delivery,installation and even custom-made-to-measure furniture for that kind of price.

So everyone!!!I reccommend Rozel Furniture!!!

and thank you so much Mr Fiance for being there to calm me down.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


today is THE day! the wedding yet.
after much hassles and troubles,today is THE day we settled our marriage registration at Registry of Muslim Marriages.

Went to ROMM at Fort Canning together with dad,mum and fiance.
sent our application onlie via e-kiosk provided there and then proceeded to meet with the officers to delcare and verify official documents needed for the registration.
Booked and confirmed the time of the solemnization and the Kadi (dia tinggal dekat je dengan rumah, leh lah ajak minum kopi esok2..LOL)
There was even an interview session at the end, where after the Wali was interviewed by the ustaz there, individually, the bride and groom-to-be were asked to go into a room and were "interviewed" by the ustaz.

Honestly, I was quite nervous, "interview??sorang2?entah ape plak dia nak tanye ni?adoi"
In the room, after the interview, we were then asked to officially swear that we are ready for the wedding and the given information are all true.
Dah keluar je dari bilik interview tu...masing2 senyum lebar je...bukan ape..lega sangat.Everything is settled.

our Q-number..anxiously waiting!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Macaron Wedding Cake

I've never really liked the taste of macarons initially.Thought they tasted too sweet but yesterday I just bought chocolate flavoured chateau blanc macarons which cost me $10 for 2 pieces and OMG they were AWESOME!!! the crispy shell, the soft and moist chocolate, a mix of sweet and a tad of bitterness and a bit of crunchy nuts...I LOVE IT.

So...what do u think of a macaron wedding cake then?

Groom's Wedding Ring - A guide for Muslim Grooms

Selecting a ring for the groom-to-be has raised a lot of questions, researches and debates.
That is because muslim guys obviously CANNOT wear yellow gold because it is HARAM but not many is aware that there are also a number of rings that CANNOT be worn by muslim guys because it has the same properties with gold or is made up of a small percentage of gold.

obviously yellow gold is a defnite no-no.HARAM

"White gold is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal such as silver or palladium. Like yellow gold, white gold is measured in Karats" (

Berdasarkan keterangan di atas,adalah jelas bahawa emas putih adalah jenis logam yang sama dengan emas kuning cuma ia terdapat campuran logam lain.Justeru, hukumnya adalah sama iaitu HARAM buat orang lelaki

Ini yang memeningkan kepala.Ada yang mengatakan suasa boleh dipakai,ada yang tidak.Ada yang mengatakan ianya haram dan ada pula yang mengatakan ia makruh.Ada yang mengatakan jika percentage campuran emas itu sedikit,ianya boleh dipakai.
mostly cincin suasa selalunya mengandungi campuran emas (walaupun percentagenya sedikit) (try asking all the jewellery shop,they'll tell you it contains a very small percentage of gold). Eventhough they will claim that because the percentage is small, then muslim guys can wear them, or that they have sold to many muslim guys but beware. The best and safest is not to buy cincin suasa for guys.

So with that, cincin yang boleh dipakai oleh lelaki muslim ialah cincin-cincin yang diperbuat daripada PLATINUM, PALLADIUM, SILVER or TITANIUM.because these are made of metals but most importantly make sure you buy those that DO NOT CONTAIN ANY MIXTURE OF GOLD even if its 1%.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Origami Crane

for my easy reference when I finally have the time to sit down and do...

The following instructions are from Jewswar

Paper Rosettes

Something interesting...let me just copy paste it onto my blog for easy reference (with full credits to the owner

  • Scrapbook paper or card stock
  • Doilies
  • Stapler
  • Glue gun

1. To make a large wheel; fold 3 sheets of paper accordion or fan style,

2. Fold each fan in half and staple edges together.

3. Next, staple all three folded fans to each other to complete your wheel.

4. You can leave the large and small wheels plain or stack them with a doilie for added effect. I hot glued all the layers for the stacked rosettes.


Solemnization Venue

Just came back from booking my solemnization venue. So for today, I shall update on the procedure for booking of mosque for solemnization ceremony.

If any of you bride/groom-to-be wants to have your solemnization ceremony in a mosque in Singapore, all you have to do is call up the mosque to enquire about availability and then proceed to the venue to fill up some forms and make payments.These needs to be done before registering at ROMM and the earliest date you can book i s 3 months in advance.If you haven't decide the time, its ok, you can confirm with them again at a later date.

For myself,Venue chosen was Assyafaah Mosque.
Just go there, fill out a form (date and time of the ceremony) and make payment of $180 (this is only for the use of musollah for the solemnization ceremony only.
The venue can accomodate about 200pax and it can be used for 2-3hrs as long as it does not affect the activities in the mosque.

So for my event, I am free to use it in the morning before Dzhohor (which is before 12noon). more thing done! Shall meet my caterer tmr. :)

Table Centrepieces for Guestbook Table

I need to finalise what i'm gonna do for the table centrepieces like NOW and not be fickle about it!
Something simple,not too costly, yet unique and not too time-consuming.

So i've decided to go for something elaborate for the guestbook table only...
Materials needed :
1) branches (kene pegi cari kayu and spray paint it dark brown, or purchase willow tree branches)
2) medium-height cylindrical vase (make do with what I have at home )
3) Japanese craft paper (to cover vase)
4) pink crepe papers / tissue (for flowers) / carnations
5) crsytal drops

guest tables centrepiece : have decided to go with zen-inspired centrepieces but have not decided yet

Choice 1 :  
* might be a problem with purchasing too many vases

Choice 2 :

* need to purchase lanterns but i kinda like this

Choice 3 :  

* collect and spray paint starbucks frap bottles. :D

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

SG Reception Venue

Address : 687D Woodlands Drive 75, Singapore 734687

Nearest MRT : Admiralty MRT
Bus Service : 969, 965, 962

Assyafaah Mosque

Address : 1 Admiralty Lane, Singapore 757620, Tel: 6756 3008

Nearest MRT : Sembawang MRT(800m)
Bus available : 856 , 981, 859

Monday, November 14, 2011

Solemnization at Assyafaah Mosque

I am still contemplating on the venue for solemnization

1) at home ; very convenient but space is a problem
2) at ROMM ; quite conveniet but i don't quite like the ambience
3) at Assyafaah mosque ; better be qucik to enquire on availability

Islamic Wedding Concept @ Assyafaah 2010/1431
1) Nikah Arrangement At Musolah Area
Price : S$180.00 (inclusive of deco, chairs setting & audio system)
Time Usage : 2 hours
Capacity : 200 pax
Deposit : Min. S$100.00
Booking Period : 3 months prior the date*

*take from
So Mr Fiance, I need you to be in Singapore soon.hehe

Application of Marriage at ROMM

Just a note for myself :

Solemnization on 28 Jan 2012

Earliest Date to file an application for marriage online : 1 Sep 2011
Latest Date to file an application for marriage online : 20 Jan 2012

Note: The dates shown are for reference only. They are not for
         booking of solemnizaton slots at ROMM.

Total number of bookings for this date as at 14/11/2011 09:00:07 PM is 20.

Fairy Point Chalet 4

Booked Aloha Fairy Point Chalet 4 for groom and family's accomodation


Level 1 - Living Room   

Level 1 - Dining Area


Level 2 - Living Room

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 - Toilet

Bedroom 3

Bedroom 3 - Toilet

Bedroom 4, 5 & 6 (similar)


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Venue Deco

Will be meeting Kak Zila from Splendour Moments this Monday to recce actual venue and finalise deco plans.
A recap on the original package chosen : Silvery Sweetz

but i'm thinking of making some changes. Don't want too many colours - mainly greys and a touch of pink. So no black feathers or frames and all that messy stuff. I was thinking somewhere along these :

Yup, only one tone of grey please.Prefer the 2nd pic.No ferns for me and something definitely need to be done about those cushions and flowers. Initially wanted to add pink flowers like this :

but Mr Fiance is against it. He doesnt want the flowers to outshine us.LOL.and due to my nose allergy maybe its advisable not to, else i won't stop sneezing. So any other things I can add to my pelamin so that it doesnt look too plain and ordinary or should i just leave it so?Hmm

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bunga Pahar

This Bunga pahar is unique..made of floral cloth and the colour is so bright! so me!
What say you? LOL

Room Decor

I think pink-grey is an awesome colour combi and I planned to have it throughout the event (well too bad for my invites cos they aren't grey nor pink). Am extending it to the bedroom as well.
Grey wall will give a dramatic look wouldnt it? Kinda dark yet dull and boring but exciting as well. I kinda like the mysterious aura if I paint the walls grey with grey curtains and add a touch of bright and pastel pink to brighten it up just a little.

Its like dull and rebellious for a bridal chamber yet exciting and interesting. kinda clash but goes...