Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Singapore and Kiasu-ism

Abi has decided the date...I've shared with him my concerns and we've more or less chosen THE DATE.
Countdown: less than 12months
So have been browsing the internet and enquiring potential Bridal Services in Singapore...
Surprise! Surprise!
about 80% of those i asked (i asked about 10) they are fully booked or left with 1 slot!
WHAT??!! So fast??!! Singaporeans are Kiasu!!
probably because its the holiday period...
and because they offer really gorgeous designs with affordable price
i'm like rushed to quickly decide and confirm and book...

so here's my pick out of those who responded of their availability..

Estheme 's Porfolio (about $3K)

  I really like it that they do not have a standard design for the pelamin...but...they instead most of the ideas come form the bride and groom themselves... (http://estheme.multiply.com/profile)

SID Events and Wedding Service (about $4k)

I'm really impressed that they provide FULL decor for the venue, their high pelamin ceiling and the chiavary chairs....the chairs really transform the whole look...BUT...its a little bit over my budget...unless anyone is willing to give me 1K to top it up...haha...

waiting for replies from a few more vendors before i make my booking and pay my deposit...please reply fast!! before the slots are taken!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Muslimah Wedding Dress

just providing some eye-candy here...

I know the dresses are way over my budget..
BUT they are all GORGEOUS!!!
I love..i love..i love them all..

to those who can afford to buy them...
please do!
All the gowns are for sale...made-to-measure and include the hijab, veil and hijab accessories.



The Date

I guess...more or less we have decided about the date...
Abi had a discussion with his family..
I had a discussion with mine..
seems like we do not have a problem with the proposed date...
just waiting to re-confirm and finalise

and being a hot date....hmmm...wonder if i could get the vendors i wanted...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Went window shopping for winter wear (for Seoul Trip) and chanced upon Clarks heels...
tried them on...
super comfy!!! its like a second skin...
DEFINITELY settling for Clarks!! :D

takde Clarks sale ke???