Sunday, July 18, 2010

Football Pitch Pelamin

I looked through gazillions pelamin designs on the web...
i liked these few designs..
simple and different...(back to our decided theme..."simplicity")

this is the typical looking traditional pelamin but what i like is its simple design...not too much of those flowers and "curtains"

roses!!! i like roses!! it looks dramatic and classy

this is my favourite!!! so fresh! and pure...loving the green grass carpet..

Abi says...this looks like a football pitch...
and once again...we voted for the same design
the "Football Pitch" pelamin..
perhaps not exactly like this..but similar...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Singapore Garden Festival

Yesterday's school outing to Singapore Garden Festival was a feast to my eyes.
Beautiful flowers, cleverly designed gardens.
It'll be so cool if I could DIY my pelamin like that.
Using nature and everyday materials.

Simple and different.

I am inspired.

has anyone DIY their pelamins?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding Theme : "Simplicity"

browsed through future sis-in-law's wedding photos.
fell in love with the pelamin and colour theme of the baju, deco and everything. subtle,simple.
talked to fiance about it...and we have decided...our theme for the wedding will be...


everything..from the pelamin, deco, baju, make the wedding invitation cards...everything will be simple design. simple yet elegant. ( seems like fiance and I have much things in common disagreement..yeay~! thank you dear.)
and good news!!! Kak Ayin (future sis-in law..hehe) agreed to be our wedding planner (for the reception in KL)...YEAY~!!! thank you so much sis.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


To my fiance:
Darling...we have not settled anything about the wedding itself and you've already mentioned and planning on the honeymoon destination and house renovation.
haha...funny-la you ni...

BUT...why not islands??
maldives is like super beautiful...and Japan? how about Japan?
cos Australia sounds a bit boring?
i don't know..i could be wrong.
but i love island vacation~!!!!

Progress so far...

haha.i was being emo yesterday.
probably because i was tired with work and all. a Singaporean living and working in Singapore and fiance is a Malaysian, living in KL and working onboard a yeah.....pretty much...i gotta settle most things on my own. I've discussed with fiance and.....

- decided on design of solemnization gown.
- decided on date (targetting june next year...omg...only left with 11months)
- agreed upon the kind of ceremony and reception we are going to have.(nikah here, small reception in singapore on same day, bigger reception in KL later on)
- agreed on hantaran price
- now...coming up with guestlist...

now...what else???

i need to find out the procedure for marrying a foreigner.
it's so confusing even after reading it on the website.

and...what else??what else??

Monday, July 12, 2010


perhaps i made a wrong turn.
should i turn back now?

Solemnization Gown

Fiance and me has decided to wear white for our solemnization ceremony.
I wanted something simple yet different from the ordinary.
Lace is a must but not too elaborate.
Here's what i found online..

simple and elegant but i especially like the cutting and the sleeve of this gown

i like the material and the beady details at the collar and cuff

i soooo love this. simple top with an elaborate kain. lovely isn't it?can get my mum to sew...hehe

i like the laced top of this gown.something different because its only like the top 1/3 of the whole "baju" but i think it would look better if the rest of the outfit remains plain and simple.

keyword is "SIMPLICITY" so Bi....what do you think?

Wedding Plans

I have been wearing the ring for a week now and getting used to the term fiancee.
Hee..just the thought of it makes me blush.
Funny though..a week ago..I was reluctant to move on.
I got really uncomfortable at the mention of the word "engage/marriage" or anything that has got to do with relationship commitments.
but after the family visit, alhamdulillah...everything went well and i'm now HIS fiancee.

Yet, I'm still nervous,worried,excited,afraid all at the same time.
About what?about the next step.
Why?? because i had a talk with mum,dad,some close cousins and HIM regarding future plans and omg!
it seems like we have to start planning for the wedding now...

less than a year to prepare for the wedding and I'm oh-so-clueless about what to do.

now....where do i start?????

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I think this is IT

it seems surreal..
am I dreaming or imagining it?
I still need a little more time to get used to this
but the ring on my finger makes me smile whenever i look at it
so it is a good sign...