Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wedding Cakes

I've attended quite a few weddings.Apart from the deco, food and wedding gowns....another centre of attraction is the wedding cake. Traditionally, wedding cakes come in the form of "pulut kuning" but now it has become more than just ordinary cakes. They are usually a few tiered and decorated soooo beautifully...(too beautiful to eat) and most of the isn't even edible! (not that it can't be eaten but it is tooooo sweet because of the icing) and can cost hundreds of dollars.
What a waste to spend that much money for something no one wants to eat!

I am a fan of desserts!! so i want my wedding cake to be pretty AND edible. Though i've chosen SPRINGTIME wedding for my wedding cake MUST MUST MUST be chocolate!!haha

While searching for ideas to DIY my wedding cake...i came across these...
the typical wedding cake but its chocolate!

ice cream cone cakes!

this will look cool if i know how to arrange it nicely and attach it firmly...the last thing i want it my "wedding cake" to topple over in front of everyone!!!

donuts cake!!i love donuts!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Springtime Wedding Theme

I think i've decided the colour theme for the reception in SG.

Going with simplicity and nature...mainly greens and whites with a touch of pink (my fav colour!!!).hehe

colour pallette

Monday, September 13, 2010

Red and Cream

Abi has finally decided on the colour theme for the wedding reception at KL.

Main colour: Red
probably going to pair it with colours like cream, beige or white.

Here are some beautiful dias which matches our theme colour

source unknown

source unknown
 Stazurin Bridal Boutique 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spring Colours

Popular spring colours...

Spring Wedding

Had been super busy with work and hari raya celebrations that i have put off my wedding preparation.
It may seem quite early to start the preparation (or so i think)..(well i have a year) BUT...i foresee things will get hectic later on with work, study (starting in October, with assigments, projects and all..OMG) and Abi won't be around to help out or give ideas.

So....i SHOULD start deciding some thing now...NOW.

But its not that simple...we have not even decided  on the theme and colour scheme yet. Surveying online only makes things worst...simply can't decide!!! haha....

I need to focus!!!

OK....we will still stick to "simplicity" for the reception in Singapore and i have initially decided to go with the "garden theme". However, it seems that it is a common how about if i change it to SPRING THEME. (memories of sprintime in Japan and cherry blossoms...weeee~!!!)

What do u think Abi? (ok.ok.i won't change my mind anymore...hehe)

and...should we go with a similar theme in KL or choose a totally different theme for contrast??