Monday, February 14, 2011

Pre-Wedding Updates

Just came back from KL....

family meeting..:)

and....we've confirmed date!

SG solemnization and wedding reception day :
Saturday, 28th January 2012

KL wedding reception day:
Saturday, 4th Februrary 2012

Bought kain for solemnization outfit....we chose white..pearl white
i didnt know choosing a WHITE kain can be a headache too
so many designs, so many shades, after looking at 3..all looks the same
but thank u to my dad, mom, sis, fiance, future sis-in-law and the so many salesperson and other shoppers who contributed their views and ideas to help me choose...

in the end...we just went with our gut feeling to make the final decision
i'm sure, whatever kain we chose, dah jadi baju nanti...
sure cantik! insyaallah... :D

ok.....i really need to list down everything which needs to be done next...
go course?guest list?confirm date with vendors?lagi???
i know its still a long way, but fiance won't be around much so must make use of whatever time we have now

Monday, February 7, 2011


i came across this...


definitely very helpful to finalise my guest list..:)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pre-Wedding Updates

1) Dias and Decor : Splendour Moments

    Deposit : Paid, $300
    Balance : $1300
    Package : Silvery Sweetz
    After Raya : meet up with Splendour Moments to recce MPH and discuss about exact theme

    Call Splendour Moments to inform of change of date

2) Andaman and Bridal : Anggun Andaman
    Deposit: Paid, $588
    Balance : $1000
    Package : 2 pairs of bridal outfit, 1 day make-up artist service, trial make-up, 1 fresh hand bouquet
    3 months before event: Outfit selection
    3 weeks before event : fitting

   Call Anggun Andaman to confirm exact event date

3) Catering : Misyaz Bridal & Wedding
    Deposit: Paid, $500
    1st 30% : (April, $1000)
    Before event : $2000
    Balance : (after event) $1500
    Package : 8 main dish, hi-tea corner (includes 8 dessert, 2 types of noodles, 2 types of bubur, mixed fruits,
    4 types of drinks, coffee & tea, breakfast, makan rewang, inclusive: kendarat, cuci pinggan mangkuk

To settle next.....

5) confirm date of event
6) confirm guest list
7) baju nikah (buy kain and finalise design)

Updates : Andaman and Bridal


hmm..haven't been updating for quite some time...
Abi is back now.
Took the opportunity to settle as much as we could for our wedding preparation.
So much to do so little time.
Visit Singapore expo Bridal Exhibition ang got quite a few good deals...
Its a real headache if u head to the Bridal Exhibition without focus cos there are lots of vendors trying to sell their products with promises of what seems like very very good deals (but actually,,the rest are also selling similar products at similar price range)

1) Andaman & Bridal

We can't be possibly stopping at every vendor to sit and chat with them about their packages so to narrow our choices, we walked 1 round and looked at the models and outfits on display. Anything that it too extravagant (e.g. lace kebaya with lots of bling2 and vampire-cloak-like collar), is definitely a no-no.
Our choice : traditional, simple, elegent.
Choice of colours : cream, pink, turqoise (similar to our theme colours).
Bonus: those with "puffy2" gown, especially in pink. LOL

3 choices : Chantique Brodal, Anggun Andaman, Reenz Bridal

Sat down and had a discussion with the representatives from the 3 bridals, we talked about what we are expecting,style of outfits, budget, what type of services they have to suit our needs, blablabla
Then...we compared their prices, their collection and also, the determining factor : their service (the way they talk about their products and the way they talk to us..)

finally selected : Anggun Andaman (price was a bit more than the other 2...collection of outfits was actually 2nd choice after Chantique but the main reason we chose Anggun was because, Kak Aisha was very friendly and reminded us of someone we know. And Anggun didn't try to push us into engaging their services, in fact they gave us the space for us to compare and decide. Also...Abi like their display...

We didnt actually decide there and then. We actually went back home to "digest" everything and came back the next day to confirm and paid our deposit.