Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wedding Invites

Went to Plaza Angsana Johor Baru today to look at wedding invites. (Yep..I finally decided to throw my DIY ideas out the window cos I just have so many reports to do and can't be borthered to waste my time on nitty gritty printer broke yeah)

pusat pengantin dan kraftangan IMPIAN @ Plaza Angsana Level 4-28
It helped that I already have criterias to follow before the trip (cheap,simple, hard paper, grey or pink). Else it would be even more difficult to decide. I do have my "ideal card" in my mind when I went around surveying for the cards BUT after much thoughts....I decided I don't want to waste unecessary $ on something which people will just throw away and chose a rather simple but durable card (too bad I do not have much choice in the colour and it doesnt really match the theme but I guess its ok) but most importantly it is not hideous and its cheap. haha.
I like the simplicity...and its only rm0.45.hehe

lunch break at AYAM PENYET RIA (the Asam soup and ayam penyet is sedaaaap)

taking a break, enjoying a short massage for rm1