Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Clarks for Ladies

shoes galore!!!!!i'm loving it!
Tempest Heat

Tempest Sun

Indigo Teacup by Clarks

all the designs...very ME!!!...:D
i want them all!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Browsing for Shoes

When it comes to shoes....comfort is number 1!

So Abi suggested Clarks....

His Clarks Original Desert Track

I still have not decided whether to get flats or heels.

Hers Clarks Bombay Lights
 Originals Desert Track (Womens)
Diamond Twinkle

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shopper Totes

I'm a backpack-big bags-kinda-girl and this is the first time in 25years of my life that i went out to window-shop for handbags.
Doubted that i would find anything suitable but i just dragged myself anyway...along with best friend, Sri (Thank you darling).
Headed to Orchard after work (best bet cos u can find EVERYTHING in Orchard and anyway, we wanted to look for some other toys for Akil's presents and CDs/cameras for Oppa's present.if not,i don't think i would even be there at all.haha.).
When we reached Orchard, we were still kinda clueless about where to go..what to look for and we just wandered aimlessly, in and out of malls just scanning through the gazillion bags which comes in so many different brands, sizes,shapes,colours but none of those captured my attention to even go near and touch it.
I noticed some other shoppers carrying bags from popular brands but....i was telling myself.."Why pay so much for those branded stuff which everyone else is carrying and there's nothing special about the design anyway.They all look the same."
And then.........we saw these bags by Marc and Jacobs(was actually drawn to the shop because of their beautifully designed jackets and coat.:P). Nice, sleek leather bags in simple no nonsense colours and designs....i like quite a few designs but the price tag was about $700 and above (still within budget but...i wouldn't want to spend that much on the bags).
Browsed around some more...until finally....we saw this DKNY tote.

It's big..enough for me to fit in my "thrash" haha, it's simple and the design and size fits me. Sri said she can even picture me carrying it even in jeans and tshirt.The best thing is...price tag: about $500.yeay!I tried it on..looked at myself in the mirror and i love it!

Even when we proceeded to other mall..the bag still caught my eye and it was like screaming "BUY ME!NOW!"
Of cos i didn't but the bags there and then but now...i know what kind of bag i want for myself! :D

DKNY Shopper Totes!!!!! :D

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Colour wheel

step 1: where is my colour wheel?
Step 2: intial chosen colour = green + pink
Step 3: decide main colour = green (although i love is out cos Abi doesnt like it)
Step 4: eliminate distraction
Step 5: additional shades of pink and green (white will obviously be there...and orange to accentuate and blend)

 Step 6: sample

Now...the final question is....this range of colour will suit most skintone right?
Kak Ayin...hope this helps....let's work around these colours?how about that?

Shades Shades Shades

ok...this is getting a little frustrating...
i gotta get the right shade of colour to match...
main colour: white,green,pink
but can't seem to get the right shade to match it perfectly..
not just to match the 3 colours but it needs to complement my skintone too...