Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kimono-Inspired Outfit

was bored in class...and i did this....

What if I wear this for my solemnization...using white lace and satin?  with coloured ribbon? hmm....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wedding Favour Box/Bag

Dad actually wanted to give jelly or food-related berkat (wedding favour) cos he does not want it to go to waste.  If that's what dad wants, then giving eggs would be a great idea too. No wastage and rather symbolic.
So......I could DIY the boxes for the eggs!! hehe...

Either I DIY my wedding favour box or order something different.
Browsed through the internet and I found lots and lots of ideas!!
Its simple to do and I just need to start early so it won't be too overwhelming to do at least 500 at one go.

(Oriental Theme)
"Chinese Take-out box" 

 "Japanese Origami Box"

(Spring Theme)
"Daisy Box"

very nature feel

 Mini Picnic Basket

all from Squidoo and FavoursPlus

Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm missing Japan badly!!!
and with the current tragedy Japan is experiencing..i really wish them well.. :(

anyway...I am inspired to have a japan, korea related kind of wedding...
maybe Oriental Theme might fit??then i can also include our asian + malay traditional lements??

with parasols and lanterns for decorations..
spring blossom motifs for invites and cake...
kimono-inspired kurung moden for my solemnization?
clogs? paper fans?

I don't know...

Hantaran Items

We have started buying our hantaran items bit by bit.
It puts less stress on your pockets as compared to buying everything at one go.
Being the busy couple that we are..hehe...we have resorted to purchasing some items online. addicted to online shopping.
Its easy, simple and fuss-free (but u must know the quality of the familiar with it and reliability of the online company).

Some things which we have bought so far...


1. Tissot Watch 
(Abi bought this waaayy before anything was confirmed..but Tissot quality is definitely a good buy)

2. Clarks Shoes
(his was hard to find!! we fell in love with the design and comfort of the shoe..but when we finally wanted to buy ran out of size..searched the whole of no avail..atlast..he did manage to get it in KL...last piece i think...dah rezeki kata orang..yippeee!!..super comfy i tell u!! and it looks weird i know..:p)

3. Ben Sherman Belt 
(this was ordered online on impulse...proud to say that it was my choice!! hehe...i don't know..i just totally fell in love with it...and it was a good deal with nice packaging...simple with a subtle or uniqueness and definitely classy :) )

4. Oakley Shades
(something which i don't approve of actually..although its nice but..darling u have so many pairs of Oakley shades already!!)

[Hers] (mine..hehe)

1. Tissot watch (
(I was kind of against buying it when i looked at the price tag..but Abi said..its worth it cos of the quality..orang dah nk buykan..hehe...thank u will be my 1st pair of metal band watch)

2. Clarks heels 
(I actually preferred the soft pumps or boots rather than the heels...but...well...heels more appropriate for hantaran according to Abi...heh...this is where our opinion more practical i guess..but Abi wants me to be wanita melayu terakhir kot...haha...its ok..i can still wear the heels for raya and formal events)

3. Telekung
(This was bought my Abi's beloved sister from Bandung...thank u!)

4. Marc Jacobs LOLA perfume (not bought yet..eyeing and contemplating..should i buy them now?)
(i'm totally in love with this!! its the closest i can get to my DKNY love from New York travel edition...too bad i can't get the DKNY one anymore anyplace i have to settle for something else but being the cerewet that i am when it comes to perfume....i cant seem to find anything with the same fragrance. i just grab LOLA before it also runs out and not be produced anymore? but LOLA comes without any package though..hmm....)

*will reveal snippets of these probably end of the year..LOL..a looong way to go