Monday, December 20, 2010

Kate Spade and Aigner

 Ok....I found smaller bags...but i still can't decide...come on my to me! say "Buy me!choose me!"...whatever

Kate Spade


I Realise...

I just realised that I'm not a girl...
Haha...i mean..yeah physically I am..
but when it comes to girls shopping for handbags, make up, and whatever...
I am clueless!!
Right now...I'm required to buy a handbag..
i don't even know where to start..
it all look similar..but none actually captured my interest..
found's huge for a handbag...
i don't want an LV
i don't want a COACH
I don't even know what i want..

Anyone used Aigner / DKNY / Kate Spade bags before?
how's the quality?


Sunday, December 19, 2010


Booking a Kadi/Naib Kadi
Bookings of Kadi/Naib Kadi can only be done online, through the internet or the self-help kiosks, at the point where you register for your marriage. Face-to-face bookings or phone bookings will no longer be accepted.
Tips on booking your Kadi/Naib Kadi
Choose a Kadi/Naib Kadi that is near to your solemnisation venue
2 weeks prior to your solemnisation, please contact your Kadi/Naib Kadi to re-affirm your bookings with him.

list of Kadi

* taken from ROMM website

Maskahwin and Wedding Expenses

What is a Mas Kahwin (Mahr)?
Mahr is a gift given by the groom to the bride after the solemnisation ceremony. It symbolises the beginning of a husband's responsibility towards his wife in fulfilling her everyday needs.

Mahr can be in cash or benefits, such as gold, silver, money, land, a car, or an apartment. Mahr is the bride's right and she owns the Mahr. Thus, she has the will to dispose of it as she wishes.

The current minimum rate for the Mahr in Singapore is $100 cash.
What is a Hantaran (Marriage Expenses)?
A hantaran, (marriage expenses) is a customary gift, usually in cash, given by the Groom to his bride's family for the Walimah. The Hantaran rate must be agreed upon by both parties.
What is a Walimah?
A Walimah is a feast given after the marriage by the couple, which is a sunnah. Walimah is a celebration of the newly formed family and for announcing that this couple is now husband and wife.

During the celebration, relatives and friends of both the husband and the wife, as well as community members are invited to get acquainted with each other and begin a nice relationship through the marriage.

*taken from ROMM website

Registration and Solemnisation Fee

Registration Fee
The fee for marriage registration at ROMM is as per the schedule gazetted in AMLA. Current rate for marriage registration where one/both parties are Singaporean/Singapore PR is S$39 and where both parties are foreigners is S$128.
Solemnisation Fee
The fee for solemnisation conducted outside the Registry's premises is not inclusive in the S$39/S$128 registration fee. Couples are advice to reimburse the Kadis or Naib Kadis for their transport expenses and their time spent for the solemnisation.
Payment Method
The Registry accepts only NETS or Cashcard for all payment transactions.

* taken from ROMM website


just gonna put down my reminders here...
cos i'm very forgetful

  1. Dais and decor - SPLENDOUR MOMENTS, 20% deposit paid, remainder to be paid on Wedding day
  2. Marriage Preparation Course - register when i come back from Korea, $260 
  3. ROMM Registration - earliest date to register : 16 June 2011, latest: 4 Nov 2011
  4. Kadi Booking - same time as ROMM registration
  5. caterer - waiting for replies
  6. mak andam - waiting for replies
Thats all that needs to be done by January 2011

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Deposit paid

after a long time comtemplating
and making so many comparisons
till my head spins
i decided on my dais and decor....

why? i dont really know..
i just got the vibe from them..haha

met Kak Zila..
paid my deposit....
and i'm all smiles..

the silvery sweetz package

above was the earlier version

this is a new version of the same package

it will probably change a little next year...
i requested a different chair...wont reveal it here...else it'll be no surprise...
and am definitely going to add my personal touches (which i've already gotten approval from SPLENDOUR MOMENTS)..


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grey is the new Black

i've got no choice but to change my wedding colour scheme
why? because of the limited design/colour of my chosen deco vendor..
*on a tight budget la* so got to select affordable vendors that is available on the selected hot date...
was getting frustrated intially...
what am i to do with the colour GREY????dull, gloomy, shabby
look what i found...

So..........which one should i choose? Grey/Silver with.......??????

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Puffy Puffy Things...

Abi once said... "dah tebiat ke" with regards to me wanting to a wear a gown...
But...i don't care...i love the puffy puffy things okay...
nak feeling...pakai gown ala2 Vera Wang's creation tak leh ke?

from Isabella Bridal


on the way back from class just now, received an SMS from Splendour Moments Wedding Decor of their availability on our wedding date and the price range is reaaalllyy affordable.
Seriously, I can't remember when i contacted them...
so...the moment i got home..i logged on to look at their website and portfolio..
Well,its not that impressive but for that price range, i can't expect much and it is actually really good. (its difficult to get that price range of 1.6K - 2.2K for that kind of detailed work and good theme coordination they provide)
though they don't have much flexibility in orignality (so ends up..couples engaging their service will have same what is seen in their portfolio..BUT...i'm sure with my ideas and DIY resources...i'm sure we could work something out) priority is SIMPLE but needs to reflect me...
I need to add in my own personal touch...
doesn't matter if I'll tire myself out but this is what I want...:)

so I guess...I'll be engaging them... AND doing more research for my DIY pelamin plan?...:)