Friday, August 5, 2011

DIY Bunga Pahar ; Tissue Flower

credits to "Belog Si Kasut Pink"

DIY bunga pahar versi tissue flower or crepe paper flower

 use crepe paper versi lembut..of your own colour choice...easily attainable at stationery shops

cut it about this size
 layer it...add more layers for a bigger and more fluffy flower

fold it back and forth
it looks like folding a fan...
u can cut the ends to make it a bit rounded

tie a wire (dawai) in the middle...twist it to secure

separate each layer and pull it up piece by piece till it looks like a flower

add ribbons and beads or other decorations to look like this....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kumpulan Kompang

I have been sourcing for Kumpulan Kompang for my far the market rate is $350 (lowest)
Problem is..i have been enquiring so many kumpulan that i have forgotten which is which and how much they charge...
Now i need to find the links again..
silly me...

just for the record...i will email and enquire one at a time...
1) Syabab Kompang ---- $350 but i dont quite fancy the sound of it
2)MizTeeQ ---- $350 ok
3) Sri Ansar ---- awaiting reply...but i really like this team..the way they play...the presentation...very soothing...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Inai Di Jari

No doubt intricate henna designs look really beautiful but after reading views of ahli2 ugama and asking opinions of those who are more knowledgeable regarding Islam than I am...
I think I shall just stick to the traditional simple ones.

Reason being..designed-henna comes from the culture of Hindus...also...more intricate designs might look like it is not encouraged...

I want a marriage that is blessed by Allah is good to start on the right path....So my henna will either be plain one like this...:)

kene cari pokok inai la...nk guna yg traditional nye...hehe

DIY Wedding Invites

Mr Tunang preferred a more wedding-like-common-traditional-looking wedding invites.
So my DIY project will be going down the drain cos no point DIY-ing if the designs can be commonly found in kad jemputan suppliers..
its more cost-effective to just order the ready-made designs then isn't it..

well....too bad then...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Henna / Mehndi Designs

Henna is a must for all brides and grooms during their wedding ceremony..well, it's not a must but just a culture..a tradition...
back in the old days, brides wear henna around the tip of their fingers..designs are simple just like this.

but nowadays, henna comes in various designs from simple....

to more intricate designs like these...

some have cute designs like this....when put together...u can see a heart shape

or this..half of the design on the bride's hand and the other half on the groom's hand...when put
together becomes a full sweeettttt!!! *wondering if my Bi would approve of this...hehe*

DIY my own Wedding Invites?

hmmm....will it take too much time? will be more costly?

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