Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sakura Wedding

For SG wedding reception...
Colour Scheme : Grey-Pink (of cos with different hues and tones)
Theme : Japan Inspired

From the hantaran baskets, to the decoration at the reception venue...all will all be Japan-related.
So for now, I need to gather lots and lots of ideas which I can use for the wedding..:D

Paper Lanterns
Not just the usual circular paper lanterns..

but...paper lanterns of all shapes and sizes is a MUST!
Note: look at how they combined the square-shaped, circular, oval-shaped lanterns....beautiful!

Sakura Blossoms
My fav flower!! Fell in love with it during my trip to Japan in spring 2010...
How I wished I could get married under a full-bloom sakura tree!! but...too bad....have to settle for fake ones then...
 Me admiring sakura blossoms at UENO Park

 it will look something like this? tapi mcm ne tu aku nak buat...LOL...

I will add some elements of Origami in my hantaran baskets / guestbook / photobooth / room deco?


will think of more and update this entry...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hantaran Items Updates

yeah yeah...been on hiatus for quite some time...
busy busy busy and my laptop is being a *&%^&%&...
so a bit malas nak log in and update...

anyways....Abi was back on land last month and we did some shopping for our hantaran items


1. Tissot Watch - bought

2. Clarks Shoes (Desert Trek) - bought

3. Ben Sherman Belt (Black) - bought

4. Oakley Shades - bought

5. Perfume (HUGO XY) - bought

[Hers] (mine..hehe)

1. Tissot watch (matching metal band) - bought

2. Clarks heels (brown, matching colour as Abi's) - bought

3. Telekung - bought

4. Marc Jacobs LOLA perfume (together with body lotion and shower gel) - bought

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag and purse (Classic Q Trifold) - bought