Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Finding the Tepak Sireh

Tepak Sireh has become something which is almost extinct in Singapore.
It was only during my wedding preparation that I was "forced" to source for this "tepak sireh" as part of a must-item for my "hantaran".

Often, in Singapore the tepak sireh has been replaced by just the "sirih junjung" so it really took me long, travelling almost whole of Singapore looking for one. Most shops selling bridal stuff don't sell it. Found a shop near Masjid Sultan but the price was CRAZY...$700-$800.

FINALLY, i happened to see it hidden underneath piles of antique watches,teapots,compasses.......in a run-down antique shop in Golden landmark.

This is how the my tepak sireh looks like...(i got a good deal bargaining with the store owner)

The tepak sireh comes in different shapes and designs. Some are rectangualar shape like these..


Now, after purchasing it,I began to wonder,what do I include in the tepak sirih. Because it comes in 6 different-sized round containers, a kacip and like a holder for something.
I began to search about it and what I found out interests me...

read my next post where I compiled my research on malay customs and symbolisme of the tepak sireh


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